Roon HQP how to get to working together?

Hi I have ROON and HQP they both work independently on windows 10. I’ve been trying to read up here and do things that they say, As far as I can tell I have it right but HQP doesn’t show in the chain with roon, ? I have an office computer with the music and a dedicated audio computer in my stereo cabinet. they both have roon and HQP on them.

I’ve tried it numerous ways and followed the internet database. I have a bit of a handicap with my eyes that only allows me to read in short bursts this has taken months at this point, so I’m not an internet guy nor am I a techno geek? Isn’t there a phone number I can call?


Under Settings Audio, in the Network section, there is a + Add Network button which gives a drop down that says HQPlayer. Select it and then enter the IP number of the HQPlayer machine.

Further, if using HQP and Roon on the same computer, then entering “localhost” instead of an IP address will route the signal from Roon to HQP internally within that computer instead of through your router.

The other thing to remember if using HQP and Roon on different machines, is to press the “Allow remote control from network” button on the HQP toolbar (right most icon). If this button is not pressed then HQP will only accept remote control from the computer it is on.