Roon + HQP Hybrid Upsampling and Filtering

Hi, I’m using dedicated roon server + HQP win10 machine, and it is not very powerful. Generally I’m using Roon for library management and Tidal and HQP for DSD128 upsampling with ext2 filter without stuttering.

Yesterday I tried to upsample data in Roon and sent upsampled DSD256 audio to HQP and it worked! Additionally, I can use poly-sinc-xtr filter in HQP if I upsample data on Roon. Also I can see the all flow on Roon’s signal path diagram.

So, I want to understand that is this flow reasonable?
In this scenerio:

  • Which filter is in use, filter on roon (ex. precise 7th order ) or filter on HQP (poly-sinc-xtr)
  • Or is data filtering twice? Firstly on Roon then on Hqplayer?
  • What is the difference of upsampling method and its quality between Roon and HQP?
  • Which part is more important on sound quality; modulator or filter?

poly-sinc-xtr is not applicable for DSD sources, so that filter is not used if the source data from Roon is DSD.

It doesn’t make sense to do such processing in Roon and send it to HQPlayer.

If you use HQPlayer, use HQPlayer’s filters. One of the many, you can use poly-sinc-xtr-2s for significantly lighter CPU load.

It depends on your settings…

There is nothing much in common…

About 50/50, so pretty much equally important.

Thanks for these great comments :clap::clap: