Roon/ HQP Volume Control


I realize this type of question has been asked before. I’ve read many of those old threads but couldn’t discern an answer that makes sense to me.

I have a 20 year old YBA integrated amp in which the remote control volumet no longer works. I’d like to therefore control the Roon/ HQP volume in Roon so I can use the Roon app on my iPad for volume control.

Is this possible? Does it function well? And how do I set it up?

Thanks to @jussi_laako and anyone else for guidance :pray:

Yes, it works fine. Roon controls HQPlayer’s volume, so you can adjust volume from Roon app.

The way to do it is to first set software volume to max (-3 dBFS) and then turn the analog volume control in your amp to as high setting as you’d ever want to listen on some album that has not been compressed much. And then turn down software volume to your normal listening levels as needed.

Later if needed, you can go and fine tune the amplifier’s volume setting. But practically you’ll never need to touch it again once you have reached suitable setting.

And it is still safe from accident perspective, since the maximum possible volume is limited by the amp’s hardware volume control.

How do I set this up in Roon for HQP? In the HQP device setup, no matter if I set volume to “Fixed” or “Device” the Roon volume claims to be “Fixed” and can’t be adjusted. In the Roon HQPlayer device setup page, under volume control, Roon DSD is not one of the choices. It’s a bit confusing.

It works with default settings in Roon. At HQPlayer side make sure you have some suitable volume control range specified in settings and that Direct SDM is unchecked in DSD Sources dialog.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Device”, but if you are on HQPlayer Embedded, volume control range is predefined to -60 - 0 and then you make sure “Fixed volume” is unset and “Startup volume” is set to something suitable and safe.
Screenshot from 2020-07-11 11-51-49
And same thing, check that “Direct SDM” is unchecked.

In Roon there’s a choice for “Device Volume” or “Fixed”. Which is best for HQPlayer?