Roon + HQPlayer configuration question

Currently I am using an all-in-one headless streamer solution from Pinkfaun, consisting of a music server, with Audiolinux as the OS, Roon Server software + HQembedded player.
There are 2 internal SSD in the server, one with the OS and applications sotware, and the second one with my music collection (4TB).

I am thinking about the following new setup:

Windows 10 i7-based computer, running Roonserver, configured to play to the HQembedded streamer.
The 2 servers directly connected via ethernet (via 2nd ethernet port in the W10 computer).
Music library still on the SSD in HQembedded streamer.

Would this configuration work?

Would the actually music only be handled in the streamer (as the music files are there), or would every music track be loaded into Roon (coming from the streamer), and t(han send back to HQembedded for applying all filtering and eventual DSP?

Thanks for your feedback


As far as I am aware everything goes through the roon server. Storage>server>end point.

The music files would go through the Roon Core, so they would be fetched from the streamer and sent back. Ethernet might even be able to manage that, but WiFi definitely doesn’t (WiFi is not fully duplex).

It would be better to keep the music file storage on the Roon Core.

If you do have HQP on a separate machine, make sure you turn on the Network monitoring in HQP so it can find the Roon input. This is an icon in the desktop version but I’m not sure where to find it when configuring the embedded version.

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Thanks Andrew for your insightfull answer


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