Roon+HQPlayer crashing my MacMini

I need your help, when I try to play PCM or DSD files using Roon+HQPlayer my Mac Mini crash after a few second of playing the file other time it play one song, two and then crash again… This only happen under Roon+HQplayer.
Roon directly to my Dac: no problem
HQPlayer alone no problem
the above behavior happen with all filters and upsampling choices… I have the later Roon and HQPlayer(registered copy)

Thank you.

Here is my system: Mac Mini 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 60GB SSD, 16GB RAM (Mid 2011) OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 > Thunderbolt WD 4TB > Audirvana+> HQPlayer> Roon > Pioneer NT-503 DAC > Audio Quest Cinnamon USB cable > Cambridge Audio Azur 840C > Cambridge Audio Azur 840A > Polk LSi 15 > DIY Speaker Cables.


I moved your duplicate post here and deleted it. Someone should be able to help you from here.

Sorry, I’m not an HQPlayer guy, so I can’t help.

Cheers, Greg


Setup HQP and Roon + HQP not to upsample, just to playback directly. If you have DSD files, be sure to check “direct SDM” - then DSD files aren’t altered.
If this works without problems, it indicates the problem is the ability of the Mini to handle the upsampling.