Roon + HQPlayer disconnecting


I have the same issue as described above.

Setup: i5 win10 pc handling roon and hqplayer (upsampling pcm to dsd)-> LAN -> NAA Win10 minilaptop -> usb dac (oppo)

The naa disconnects every two or three songs (never an album can be played from start to finish without disconnecting). Hqplayer NAA without roon works perfectly (no disconnection) so I presume this is roon or roon/hqplayer integration related.

I have the following error message in naa: “protocol error: clSocket: :Recv(): recv(): Unknown error” or sometimes “audio data received error: %sclSocket: :Recv(): recv(): Unknown error”.

Very frustrating.

Thanks for help

Roon does not speak to NAA endpoints at all. All Roon does is send the data stream to HQP, and HQP speaks via NAA to the endpoints. The error, which actually may be just a side symptom and not the actual base issue, looks like a TCP error.

Since the error code is being generated by NAA/HQP, I’m tagging (@jussi_laako) who might be able to assist as well.

Sounds like a network issue, like abruptly lost connection or similar.

Is there something I can do or try to modify in my neywork configuration?

On the contrary, unless you are a networking expert you are better off with gear that is not managed so you can’t have something set wrong. Does WiFi play any part in your networked signal path?

No WiFi. Just ethernet.

Take a look at your Roon signal path and see what your processing speed is. Any less that 1.5 and there may be periods where Roon is borderline. Otherwise it could be HQP hogging resources. I was able to run the two together on an i5 but it was never as accomplished a pairing as I would have liked even though it did sound very very good.