Roon/HQPlayer finer volume control

Hi, I use Roon to control HQPlayer and usually use a preamp for volume control. However, I would like to simplify my system by removing the preamp and connect my amps directly to my DAC. This means using Roon to control volume. This works quite well and the only thing that would make it better is to have 0.5 dB (or lower) steps when volume approaches 0.0 dB. I think most preamps do this, but it looks like Roon/HQPlayer use fixed 1 dB increments throughout the entire volume range. Any chance this can be implemented? Thank you!

HQPlayer doesn’t have practically any limitation on how precise the remote controlled volume can be, since it is dB value in double precision (64-bit) floating point…

Yes, but the control widget cannot move less than a 1dB step, even if you set a range of 0 to -8 dB (for example).

I don’t feel the need for finer adjustment myself, but that is what hammer is referring to.

Yes, that’s the case on HQPlayer side and I guess also at Roon side. But through the HQPlayer API it is possible to set volume more precisely. It should work for example with hqp-control2 command line utility (shipped with HQPlayer 4 Desktop and as a source code). At least to HQPlayer 4 Embedded, I have not tested on HQPlayer 4 Desktop.

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