Roon/HQplayer Mix Platform

Is there any difficulty running HQplayer on a different OS machine than the Roon library machine? Specifically I’m wondering if I can put my library on a mac, but use a windows 10 machine to run HQplayer? Just to get the whole family involved the Windows machine will then send to a Linux NAA. I need to pick up a faster machine for HQplayer DSD512 processng and a used windows workstation seems to be the most cost effective option.

Hi Robert,

That shouldn’t be a problem at all. Just hang everything off the same Ethernet switch/router. You can create a new zone for HQP on the new machine by entering the IP address of the new machine in the “Add Network Device” tool in the HQ Player section of Settings/Audio. It is best to give the new machine a fixed IP address in the router so DHCP doesn’t swap it around on you.

Seems fine to me. Roon/HQPlayer really don’t care if they’re on the same machine–they’re communicating over sockets either way. Put gigabit ethernet between the machines and it should be very solid.

Thanks guys, that’s what I figured . Is there any hope in the future for being able to control HQ player characteristics from the roon interace? It would be great to be able to tag a particular album with how you would like it to be played in HQ player including the filter and dither. I know it’s possible to pass this data into HQ player, as Geof Armstrong’s front end for iTunes to HQ player did this.

Everything is sounding great, although I’m still only able to make it a track or two before roon freezes up playing dsd64 tracks.

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We have an interface for controlling the filters, and that will probably be supported one day. I’ve thought about the media-dependent thing. Product design for that is going to be a very careful balance between simplicity and functionality. That’s the hard part of building that feature.

Right…I realize that things can easily ballon out of control. I need to get better with my command line skills…then I could easily just pass those commands remotely to hqplayer. I don’t really want to use windows for the remote hqplayer machine…would be much better to use linux…that is obviously the OS at Jussi’s heart.

One thing I miss from itunes are the notes and groups fields…it would be easy to leave yourself a note about what filters to use. Along those lines how is including a pdf with an album coming along? That seems to me to be the biggest missing thing in Roon given its dominance with metadata.

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Our 1.2 release still has us focused on interoperability and audio. We’re planning to circle back on metadata-related issues for the following one.

Hi Robert,

One last thing about HQP on a non-localhost machine. Make sure to press the “Allow control from network” icon on the HQP toolbar as shown here.

Yeap…got that Andy. I need to do that to get things to work even when roon and hqplayer are on the same machine if I specify an IP address rather than use localhost.

Just ordered the Windoz machine…hopefully it doesn’t hate me…I wish it was a mac…but 16 2.6 ghz cores and 64gb of RAM for $1200 bucks certainly doesn’t exist in the mac world. If I get brave I’ll set up a second hard drive with linux.

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No, it should work fine. My normal testing environment is Roon running on Win8.1 and HQPlayer running on Ubuntu Studio (Linux)…

Of course having the two in different machines puts some pressure on the network, so a switched gigabit ethernet is a good starting point.

At the moment, I’m running RoonServer on a Windows 10 PC, pulling files from a Synology NAS, use a MAC to Control Roon and run HQP, and have the NAA on a SonicOrbiter which is Linux and have no issues


The machine I just picked up is a Dell Precision T5600 with 2xE5-2670’s (16 2.6ghz cores). Would you suggest Ubuntu Studio over Windows 10 for a machine just dedicated to running HQplayer? Its coming with Windows 7 Pro. It will be connected to a Cubox-i running your NAA build.


Win10 for Roon Core (w/AO 2.0B7), Win 2012R2 Essentials (w/AO 1.40) for HQP to DAC.