Roon & HQPlayer problem

Hi, after the update to Windows Creators update and the latest Roon update the sound transport and control of HQPlayer via Roon doesn’t work as good and stable anymore as before. There are regular disconnections that can be solved only by re-starting Roon and HQPlayer or even the Windows machine at all. Any ideas and suggestions how to overcome these problems?

Do you have the latest HQPlayer 3.16.1 installed ?

Where is Roon installed ?

Also you can power off your switch for a minute.

Yes, I have the latest version of HQPlayer installed. Roon is installed on the same computer (Mac Mini with dual boot OSX and Windows10(). No problems under OSX but on recently updated Windows platform…

Well I can’t help you.
You are running Boot-camp W10 on a Mac Mini, and both Roon Core, and HQPlayer is installed there.
So if no problem under OSX, then why not use the original OS and forget W10 ? Probably better SQ too.

Want to use Windows because there I can play DSD files native by ASIO. In OSX playing DSD is only possible by DoP. On the other hand I’ve heard that there should be no differences in SQ… What would you recommend?

I think I probably should be very careful in recommendations, as I do not own a Mac :slight_smile:

But you may try in the future to run Roon separately on a SonicTransporter i5 or if you have something available to do a Linux installation. Or even another Mac Mini. If you are running the USB direct to your DAC, you may like to purchase the ISO REGEN.
But all of this is more or less off topic…

Would you assume that there is a difference in SQ when playing DSD native or via DoP? Do you have a clue?

I’ve never heard a difference. DoP simply uses PCM frames as a carrier for the native DSD data, so once successfully received and unpacked the resulting DSD data should be bit for bit identical to the original native DSD data. The main difference is that DOP tops out with the DSD it can handle ( DSD 64 requires 176.4 PCM, DSD 128 requires a 352.8 PCM, and DSD 256 requires 768 PCM. Not a lot of DACs can do 768 PCM, so DSD 256 and above are generally limited to Native DSD streams)

Hi Daniel, Thanks for the answer.