Roon HQPlayer question

When playing a DSD Native (Direct sdm on HQP), does HQP send the original DSD stream direct to my DAC or does it use the filters and renderers and then sends the stream to my DAC?
In other words, does HQP affect the sound when I play a pure native DSD?

In the main HQP menu you will see a selection for DSDIFF/DSF Settings. These settings control how DSD source content is handled, rather than the oversampling settings on the main Settings screen.

In DSDIFF/DSF Settings there is a box “Direct SDM”. If this box is ticked then HQP will pass through DSD content.

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Nothing to add but a corroborating snippet the manual: “DirectSDM disables all processing when source file is DSD content and output format is SDM to a DSD-device.”