Roon Icon in Status Bar

Would it be possible to add a Roon icon to the status bar?
In the same way that Spotify or Tidal have a mini control screen when you pull down from the top of the screen. Easier to click into the app too rather than flicking through open apps?


I am with you on this, and related, make the app always active, i.e. it shows on the lock screen with replay and skip buttons available, like Sonos and native Android music players like Google Play Music. This would probably fix the disconnections that happen sometimes as well as the app would stay running.


Yes please!!! It would be great to control the music playback from the status bar without having to exit out of whatever app I am currently using on my tablet.


Controls from the status bar would be a really great addition to the android app. To me it would make even more sense in the “phone version” of the app. When using my tablet I usually keep Roon in the foreground, browsing for other albums, reading reviews etc. I use my phone more like an ordinary remote control for going to next track and pausing audio while doing other things. Quick access to previous/playpause/next from phone app would be great!


Completely agree. As an avid Android user, this was one of the first things I noticed I really really wished I had in the Roon app.

Being able to quickly pause and switch tracks without having to switch to the fully open app is insanely useful.


Another vote! Any plans for this in Android?


Yep - thumbs up for this!


I don’t know if it’s a technical limitation, but not having roon remote act like pretty much every other music app on Android is just weird AND the reason I can’t buy in. Take a cue from Plex, even using as a remote and casting to Chromecast devices, the controls remain visible in the status bar and on the lock screen.

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I would also like to have lock screen and volume up/down hardware button support (lock screen AND within the roon app) on my android phone. Are there any plans to implement this?

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Can’t agree more. For the price they charge for subscriptions it’s incredible this basic feature is not implemented. It’s most user unfriendly to have to go back to the app each time for basic player controls. It seems they are only interested in expanding device support nowadays without looking at improving the existing apps. Can someone from the dev team at least comment and provide some clarifications?


This is indeed needed. Must have on Android 9 nowadays. I wonder why it’s not implemented? Roon is not recognized as a music player currently.