Roon Icon Turns Generic in Mac OS Dock

Since today, my Roon (1.5 323) on my iMAC running 10.13.5 Mac OS becomes a generic Mac app icon instead of the Roon icon in the Dock. Restart, remove from tray and add back did not work.

Many thanks for the help.

Try booting into Safe Mode (press Shift when booting) and restart once you’re up and running. Boot takes longer than usual ski be patient.

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You should clear the icon cache. Goggle “clear icon cache mac” and you will find the ways to do this.

Do this at your own risk - it’s simple but I don’t know your skill level. I take no responsibility! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot Miguel and Martin. For some reason after today’s re-start, the correct Roon icon was back in the dock: one more of the great unsolved mysteries of computer science!
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