Roon identifies Aries - in AirPlay mode

Hi there,

I just played with the software setup and came across this. Roon now “sees” the Aries-bridge on my home network!
When I am in "storage " - add folder (local folder) - browse and it did add to my album the same library I have on a external drive linked to the Aries by USB. It does not however find it if i ask "add folder - network folder?

And it does not play from the said external drive on the Aries but on my desktop computer ( where Roon is installed )

Here is a sceenshot as it appears on my windows 10 computer.

Is this known ? Is this new ?

Where can we go from this? Could we reach the “play” mode on the Aries?

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Hi Guys I made it!
I said to my self - wait a minute I didn`t check in the output tab.

When I changed from “storage” to "output " - the “Networked” device was already listed - his name is “5156gwnl” which is how that Aries is setup up!

here is the output screenshot

I just choosed " play " from the new library … that of the said external drive and Voila ! It plays!

It still is only the AirPlay activated and nothing more …

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I think you could always do that Andrei using Airplay. I think the point though is network saturation, especially if it is wireless. What is happening is that the music is being sent from the Aries local drive over the network to the Roon computer, converted to Airplay quality (if needed) and then sent back to the Aries via Airplay. That is a whole lot of back and forth network traffic which depending upon your setup and the types of music files being moved can cause playback issues like stuttering, dropouts etc.

But, if it is working for you. Excellent! :smiley:

Thanks Rugby , youre absolutely right - it works for me but its the other thing i`m waiting for not this Airplay