Roon identifies wrong artist - cannot change

I have an artist which Roon automatically identified, though it chose the wrong artist (it picked the Christian rock band Delirious? instead of the psychedelic trance act Delirious). I tried editing the name and removing the question mark, but it doesn’t change the album identification and still shows the wrong review, artwork, etc.

How can I fix this?

You could check if the album or band is available on When it is not on allmusic, roon will probably not find it (same dataprovider) and therefore not let you change it is my guess.

I can’t help much here extracampine sorry. But I do have a lingering feeling that this is God’s way of telling you to give up your sinful psychedelic trance ways and turn to the Lord.

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I have a similar problem with the band Airbag. Roon identifies the album (All Rights Removed) but claims that the band is from Malaga, Spain. It’s from Norway.

There are several bands with the same name. The Wikipedia-link (see above) is for the Argentine band, and the three web- and Facebook-links cover the Spanish, Argentine and Norwegian bands. MusicBrainz adds a few more…

I have 2 instances on various artist albums

  1. Air Supply recognised as Air Spray
  2. Steve Winwood recognised as Steve Wood
    How do I correct these errors?

I wonder if we will need full editing to correct these errors (if they cannot be corrected by the others means mentioned already). It sounds like full editing will allow us to assign artists ourselves rather than relying on Roon identifying them. The sooner the better for this feature in my opinion.

I suspect you’re right @extracampine I have the same trouble with a Models EP GTK which Roon insists is a different EP by the electronica trance outfit Moonlight Shadow. I can get Models in white text and change the names of the album and tracks, but Moonlight Shadow remains in blue text.

Edit: I wonder what wiuld happen if I got the Moonlight Shadow EP and said: There, see ? They are different !

A human might get it, a computer maybe not.

I see this topic is still open. Has anyone found a workaround? I have a similar problem with the artist The Brass Ring, which is either a herb Alpert wannabe band or a brass quintet.

@joel might be able to help out with this.