Roon ignores library albums

I have a library with populated metadata that I’ve used and played successfully using JRiver.
I started using Roon, but it ignores many of my albums as if they simply don’t exist.
What could be the reason for that ?

Could be because of a number of possible reasons. Have a read of this article to start with. If that doesn’t help, then come back and open up a support case (and describe your system and network in detail) to get further assistance.

Hi @Ori_Onn,

First, I’d like to point out some documentation we have that may be helpful here. In our KB we have an article about Skipped Files and an article about why some files might be missing from Roon .

If you go to Settings > Library > Skipped Files do you see any of your missing files there?

I’d like to recommend looking at a couple of specific examples of tracks that did not get imported into Roon. Are they supported files? Are they showing up in Skipped Files? If it looks like they should be importing, let me know! Screenshots of these files in their storage location would be helpful for discovering what may be happening.

Thx Geoff and Dylan,
I read the articles and indeed most of my folders name template is ###dd-mm-yy
However they are not in the root directory of the drive
Could be the problem ? however many files do get imported from these folders while others don’t so does it make sense to make the effort and rename all the folders ?

Do you have any “odd characters” accents etc , there was a thread the other day for Scandinavian characters.

The other thought was filename length, a thread the other day with 277 char file name

Maybe post some examples, JRiver is quite “lenient” with Unicode ?

Could it be that Roon does not support ape files ?

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Unsupported Files

At this time, Roon supports mono, stereo and multichannel content in the following formats: MP3, WAV, WAV64, AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless, OGG, and AAC at resolutions up to 32 bit 768kHz. Roon also supports DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, and DSD512 in the DSF and DFF formats.

Media that’s not in one of the formats listed above will not import into Roon.

If you still have JRiver loaded, select all .ape files and convert to flac then reload maybe

You can use JRiver Move and copy tool to remove the apes :speak_no_evil:

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Hi @Ori_Onn,

Yes, this is correct, Roon does not support APE files. If you can convert these files to one of the types that Goeff listed, it should help with the issue!

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