Roon ignoring my custom artist name tags

I am very new to Roon. Its a brilliant system. I will be taking out a subscription when my trial ends.
The only issue i have so far is with artist name tags.
For sake of convenience i create custom tags for artists that can have multiple band names etc.
For example for Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young I tag all artist names as Crosby, Stills, Nash. This keeps all albums in one place.
Unfortunately, Roon is still showing deja vu as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young even though I have tagged as Crosby, Stills, Nash.
This is happening with other artists too.
I have changed roon settings to use the “prefer file” rather than Roon but still its ignoring.
How do I resolve this so roon organises the library according to my artist tags rather than its own tags.

I’ve moved your post from the Support category into the Roon Software Discussion category of the forum, since it’s more of a “how best to use Roon” question than a request to solve a technical issue with a Roon setup.

I expect that members of the Community will chime in with suggestions and advice. I will note, however, that Roon is very opinionated on how it does things, so you may be fighting it for the sake of your convenience.

Thanks. I am very experienced in dealing with such people because of my work.
Hopefully my issue can get resolved in a civilized and polite manner

It wasn’t about the forum users but the developers having strong opinions an how things should be done and the software implementation obviously reflects that, so some things are just not possible and it is better to find other ways to achieve something similar, which align with the software design.

I’m not quite sure what your goal is here. In which views do you want to “keep all albums in one place”?

If it is just about, e.g., having artists sorted next to each other in artist view, or their albums next to each other in My Albums when sorted by artist, then you don’t have to change their actual names. Each one can keep the correct one, and you can change how they get sorted by going to the artist page > Edit > LAST-FIRST SORT NAME and ensure that they agree for the affected artists. Or else edit them in the preferred way.

That should sort them together:

Another approach might be using the filter in My Albums or My Artists, because if you enter “crosby stills” into it, it will show albums/artists with and without Young.

If it is about how the artist names appear on the albums, as in “Unfortunately, Roon is still showing deja vu as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young even though I have tagged as Crosby, Stills, Nash”, then edit the ALBUM ARTIST in the album editor. This controls how it is displayed. The PRIMARY ARTIST LINKS and the credits for primary artists can keep using the correct one:

It will then show like this on the album page:

And like this, with the edited name, in My Albums sorted by artist:

Maybe Merging Artists is all that you are looking for. I will demonstrate using CSN & CSN&Y as example.

First picture is Crosby, Stills & Nash - Discography - albums in My Library

This picture is Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - discography - albums in My Library

Now I switch to Artists page and select both artists CS&N + CSN&Y

Select Merge Artists in the right top corner
You are requested to select the primary artist, I choose CS&N

resulting in CS&N having 5 albums in My Library

In Artist page, CSN&Y is not shown anymore, only CS&N

In CS&N Discography - albums in My Library I see all 5 (in fact 4 + 1 hidden) albums.

Opening the albym ‘Déja Vu’ , I still see the original artist CSN&Y

Hope this helps

I did that with Miles Davis and it created a separate Miles Davis entry in the library.
I want all Miles Davis in one place so theres all Miles Davis albums in one place. At present I have three separate Miles Davis Library entries as I edit two Miles Davis derivations.
All in one place means all in one place. So every Miles album is under Miles Davis.
Steve Miller band has three separate Steve Miller Band entries even though they are all tagged as Steve Miller Band. Roon is overriding my tags and I want to stop that of possible.

I will make it simple.
How do i stop Roon from overriding my tags?
All I want is for Roon to use my tags instead of enforcing its own tags.

This, however, will make the metadata of one merged artist disappear. And CSN&Y and CSN are two different bands with different “formed” dates and places, so I would want to keep both. Though in this case their TiVo bio is the same, this is not always so in similar cases.

It does but i should not have to do it. Roon is imposing its own tags over mine and i just want to stop it doing that.
If I cant then i will leave things as they are. I have a memory impairment which makes learning new tasks incredibly challenging.
I will keep forgetting what to do each time.
So If i cant get Roon to accept my tags then i will just leave it as it is.

That’s one of the things where you may want to do something that can’t be done

You have set these albums to use your tags, by default all metadata is what Roon finds from AllMusic and MusicBrainz. You can change what it uses by editing the albums and choose prefer file for the metadata option.

I have already done that prior to importing into roon and I wont do it again.
Obviously I cant stop Roon imposing its own tags over mine so I will just leave it.
Life is too short for me to edit hundreds of files that I have already edited.
Thanks for your help.

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