Roon imports albums twice

With the new build (15) Roon has rescanned my folder and is re-importing many albums (if not all) twice). How do I reset and have it start over?

Actually, I’d rather not start over unless I have to do so since I have fixed some bad album identifications. Any idea how to fix this?

We’re working on a fix right now. Stand by, and sorry for the inconvenience @fritzg.

I have similar problem with Roon importing all over again after latest update. In addition, Roon won’t play any of the albums in the NAS.

Thanks for the report @UNjo – we’re aware of the issue, and testing a fix right now.

you wont have to start over… build 16 is out with a fix now. it may take some time to settle, but you will end up good.

I dot have that problem before with 0.0/23 but now with 1.0/16 on my Mac.
How it can be solved ?
My fault- sorry-saved.