Roon in bedroom PC, Oppo 105 in living room, doable?

Hi all, as much as I like Roon, I cannot find any way to connect Roon on my main PC, which is in my bed room, to my main system, which centers around an Oppo 105. I do not want to computer in my living room.

Any advice appreciated.

You need a Roon Ready network endpoint to attach to your network and go from that to your Oppo 105.

You can use a Raspberry pi for this or devices such as a sonicorbiter or a microrendu from Sonore. SOtM also sells suitable devices. There is lots about these devices here on the forum if you search for them.

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Thanks a lot, just happen to be looking at Sonicorbiter at the moment, may be a way out after all !

Will this assumption be correct?

Roon -> Sonicorbiter -> Oppo

Missing anything in-between?

You’ll need some kind of network to connect things. If you can do it, Ethernet would be ideal, so, for example,

Computer running Roon core > Ethernet cable > Unmanaged Ethernet switch > Ethernet cable > Sonicorbiter SE > USB cable > Oppo

(Pretty obviously, you’ll want the router that connects you to the Internet also connected to this network, likely via the switch.)

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Only your network. The sonicorbiter is not wireless so you will need to connect it to your network using ethernet cable.

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Thanks guys, I’m familiar with basic networking so I’m ok with that, so I just have to get a sonicorbiter to try it out.

Incidentally, should I just get the Roon version since I noticed there are five variations?

AFAIK there is only one version of the Sonicorbiter. The one version will run Roon and other things as well, you just select what you want to run from the Sonicorbiter web interface which is pretty simple to use.

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Thanks, got it, it should be modes instead of versions, my bad.

Am I correct in assuming that streaming Tidal MQA Masters from desktop through the sonicorbiter, to A MQA DAC such as Mytek Brooklyn will have MQA files properly and completely unfolded?

Yes, as long as you send a bitperfect stream to the MQA-capable DAC.

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One note FYI: There are two ways to uses a SonicOrbiter/Microrendu “wirelessly” - I’ve tried them both successfully. Not ideal, but they work:

  1. You can hook them up to a wi-fi module with an ethernet output (e.g. an Eero);
  2. You can use a powerline ethernet switch like a TP-Link. That’s what Small Green Computer suggests as an alternative.

The point is that this allows you to have a Roon setup even if no wired ethernet connection is available. Presumably this would work with other stuff as well. I used these approaches to replace AppleTVs with subsidiary systems in my house.

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Thank you, I’ve since moved onto a living room only solution by adding a DAC and Intel NUC there, appreciate your input.