Roon in my summerhouse, too. 2 different Roon's?

I run Roon at my home on an Innuos server and is very happy. I would like also to run Roon in my summerhouse, where I have a Naim Qube (1st edition).

Is there a smart way of “carrying” Roon with me or do I need to have two different installations? I do not want to take my Innuos server forth and back.

I assume I could buy the new Naim Qube, which is Roon Ready. That would require two licenses, wouldn’t it?

Anyone solved this in a nice way?

You can install Roon core software on a laptop and then do a restore of a backup from your Innuos. Problem is, there is no way to keep them in sync other than doing a backup and restore everytime you are getting ready to leave for your summer place.

Doing the back to/from Dropbox would most likely make it a little less inconvenient.

But that is really slow. I use a USB drive that’s easy to plug into my Nucleus for the backup, then plug into my laptop for the restore.

Many thanks @Jim_F and @nycenglish.

I am trying it out using my laptop and it works fine for the streaming. And if I start using the computer and then take over the control at my smartphone then it works with the phone as remote. Great. Problem solved. I have to try out, if I can use my desktop in my summerhouse as well. That would be just perfect.

It seems you solved my problem. Thanks a ton.

BTW, I am only streaming so no problem with the back up.


Set up your Innuos to do automatic backup every four days or whatever you want. You can leave the USB drive plugged into it. Then move the USB to your laptop and restore before you leave home. Take the USB drive to your summer home and restore to your computer there. Just make sure you install the full Roon core software on both your laptop and summer home computer.