Roon in other rooms and on other computers

I’m deep into my trial on a single machine and the next thing for me is to see how Roon expands the capability of my collection to another room, or rooms. Right now I have 2 identical HD’s for my music. One for my main set up and one for my den set up. They are not NAS drives. I use my desktop as the machine that houses my Roon library. And the laptop goes to the den as a client. The audio systems are completely different in each room so I’m wondering if Roon will allow my laptop (client) to pull the library from my desktop and still run those files through the system in the den even though that HD is connected to my desktop? I may be overthinking this and hopefully don’t sound to stupid in asking this. Any direction here would be greatly appreciated.

If you setup the laptop Roon as a remote, connecting to your Desktop Roon then you can use that one single library and freeup an hd.

So even though the systems are different (different DAC’s, etc) as long as I set up the correct DAC on the client then it will still pull my library from the main machine,? Is this correct?

That is what it does for me :smile:

Thanks for the answers and patience, rovinggecko.