Roon in Second Home

I recently upgraded to lifetime and noted that the subscription page for both annual and lifetime state that the “Roon core” can be operated on only 1 PC at a time. I take that to mean that if I turn off the Roon core at one location, I can run it at the other home on a different computer. Please confirm as I will be at the second home soon. Keep up the good work.

Attempting to run Roon on another computer will prompt that it will disable the currently active system.
When you return to the first system it will do likewise.

I take that to be yes. I infer(perhaps in error) that I can download the core software on a 2nd computer, but would have to disable Computer 1 Roon core to use core on Computer 2. Sorry if this should be obvious.

Yes, it’s a yes … but you don’t have to disable the #1 system before using #2 as #2 will automatically transfer the licence from #1 to #2.

Then when #1 is used again it will transfer back … thus ensuring that only one system can be used at a time.

I have two locations and can confirm that you can run Roon in both (but not simultaneously).

Bear in mind that your edits won’t travel across.

Roon have been talking about edits being cloud based in the future, so this may help you in the future so long as your music is in sync in both places.