Roon in two locations?

Thank you again for your assistance. The problem was that the Roon core was not available on both of my wireless networks (which I still do not understand). When my iPad remote controller ended up on my other wireless networked Roon appeared, when I changed wireless networks Roon disappeared. So I just make sure that all of my Roon communication is through the wireless network that communicates. Dumb luck on my part, but you may want to file this away in your brain for some other subscriber having difficulty with more than one wireless network.

I have 2 audio systems using Roon. Unfortunately they are 2,000 miles apart. So I would now like to introduce 2 computers to house the Roon core on each of the systems.
Currently the Roon core is housed on my office servers that have SSDs. I would like to go to a dedicated server to house my Roon core, and then clone its contents onto an identical server for my other system.
On both systems I am using Bryston BDA-3 DACs and Bryston BDP-2 players.
Could you please direct me to a good sounding, easily installed server solution that will integrate (close to seamlessly) with my current equipment?

  • Should I wait for a ROON ‘ROCK’ server?
  • Should I look at the Audiostream Sonic Transporter?
  • Should I wait for the NUC option that many are discussing on your forums? If so, Is there a NUC that is particularly well suited for Roon?
    As you are aware, I am very tech savvy. So…the simpler, the better.

Thank you!


Good morning Roon folk,
I must start out by telling you how much I enjoy your program!!
The purpose of this email is a predicament for which I’m sure you will have a solution.
• I have 2 separate audio systems in 2 geographically separate locations. I have installed Roon in location #1 (Version 1.3 (Build 242) Stable (64 bit). Utilizing a Small Green Computer i5 SonicTransporter as a processor and a Bryston BDP-2 player. I have spent a significant amount of time configuring my play lists, and I back up the i5 religiously.
• Recently I decided to purchase an additional i5 to use in my second location, and I wish to import / configure my most recent backup from i5 #1 to my new i5 for location #2.
• I believe that I made an error when I initially configured i5 #2. When I initially booted up i5 #2 the unit asked if this was a new install (or something to that effect), and I answered no. I believe my doing so negated an option to easily install my backup from i5 #1 into i5 #2.
• So how do I install my most recent backup from i5 #1 into i5 #2? This will just be done once to get i5 #2 up and running. I do not intend to go back and forth with backups, as I understand that it can cause file corruption.

Thank you,

Tim Dam

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Should still be pretty straightforward.

The instructions here detail how to restore your database to System #2 and get everything configured. You’ll just restore the backup in Settings > Backup > Find Backup, as opposed to restoring it from the sign in screen.