Roon incompatible with database?

I was away (Florida Audio Expo) for a few days and when I returned, I couldn’t use Roon. I get a message that the current version of Roon is incompatible with my database. What do I need to do?


There have been updates while you’ve been away. Are you fully up to date?

Thank you. Things are a bit different this AM.

When I called it quits last night, there was no Roon icon in my list of programs. (The core is on a Windows machine, a Baetis server.) This morning, Roon is there, designated as “New.” When I click on it, I get a message that this version of Roon is incompatible with my database.

I’m not sure my setup was correct, though I could use Roon effectively before this happened. I have an end-point on an iPad but could use it until I had Roon working on the Baetis. Unless I did that, I would sometimes get a message that I had two incompatible versions of Roon.

Thank you for your help. I’m pretty confused.


Correction: “but could NOT use it until I had Roon working on the Baetis”

Check to see what version you are using. My guess is you’ve got 2.0 software trying to interact with a 1.8 database.

How do I do this? When I click on the Roon app for more information, under version, it says “V3” - which I suspect isn’t what you are asking about.
Thank you.

Launch the app then via the menu top left of the screen go to settings: about. That should tell you what version you are on.

Found it. It says I have versuion 1.8

OK. Unless you have a specific reason to stick with 1.8, you need to update to the latest version. That will be Roon 2.0, not sure what the very latest build is. I also don’t know if you can do that without creating a new database. But if you stick with 1.8, you will need to create a new database.

Just checking, so you have your Roon Core at version 1.8, right? If you do want to upgrade this to version 2.0 (which would also be my recommendation), then follow the steps given in the Migration FAQ:

The Baetis server appears to be running a customised version of Windows. A Roon Core version 2.0 for Windows requires Windows 10 or 11, so as long as the Baetis uses one of these as its base, you should be good to go. It’s not clear to me whether the Baetis server uses the “all-in-one” Roon or the Roon Server package - you need to know which to choose.

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I’ve put the question to Joe Makkehr, the Baetis head honcho. I’ll give it a try once I get his answer.

Thank you again for your help.

Hi @Andrew_Quint,

I can confirm that your core is on 1.8 and your remote is on 2.0.

The core is NOT on our 1.8 legacy version and is an older version no longer supported.

We can update you to 2.0, that’s not a problem but we just need to be sure that you’re not on 1.8 for any particular reason.


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