Roon incorrectly shows Devialet device

Hi @support,

I have a Devialet 1000 Pro, but Roon is showing me that I have a Devialet 250 Pro. How can I make it show Devialet 1000 Pro?

Have you tried rebooting everything: router, Roon core, both Devialets? I’ve had this happen with a 440, but rebooting fixed it.

Settings|Audio click on the cog wheels right beside your device. If there is a blue text reading “Not your device?” try to click on it. The text will then eventually change to “Identify this device” and you should again click on it. Now use the “Find your device” window that showed up to tell Roon what device you have:

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Thank you! Rebooting everything (router, switch, Nucleus+, and Devialets) solved this issue :slight_smile:

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