Roon insists on resuming Tidal when playing on a different device

If you have Roon running and you forget to stop it before you are leaving your home then you have a big problem.

Roon disconnects TIDAL playing on Android repeatedly and unless you go home to stop Roon it will keep disconnecting you. You can only stop it by changing your password.

I’m not sure who designs these features but they sure are not friendly.

I believe you can only be signed into one tidal device at a time with a single account.
So that sounds like the behavior I would expect.

The TIDAL app backs off instantly.

In my case I had to tap on play every 5 minutes (not sure). Unless you don’t experience this, you don’t understand how bad it is.

And if you left Roon playing Tidal at home then yes this what I would expect.

Why would it be?

In either place the experience is bad. TIDAL plays music on my phone for 5 minutes, Then for 10 seconds Roon plays music plays at home. Then TIDAL plays on my phone for 5 minutes.

In both places the UX is bad. Choose one.

Yes one of my dogs stepped on my Nuimo remote while I was in work yesterday.
The music stopped in the office, my wife messaged me to turn it off in the house and the dog was not good enough to do me the favor.
Eventually the wife pressed the pause and I could start the music in the office again.

This is by design as you are only allowed one stream (besides from Roon or Sonos etc in multi room setups)

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I perfectly understand the one stream limitation but I don’t see a reason for the [infinite] periodic retry, without some kind of back-off.

Just stop one if them playing and then the problem goes away. It’s not a Roon issue as it’s telling you that Tidal stopped because it is playing elsewhere.
There were a lot of issues with account talk overs a while ago and that was an impact.

I have never had that. Mine just stops and doesn’t restart, so maybe something a little strange happening there

I forgot to kill Roon before leaving home and I wanted to listen to TIDAL on my phone.
It’s a hellish situation because Roon keeps retrying to play.

Also Roon knows the stream is started on a different device and it should stop playing music. The action on that phone is made by a human being who knows better.

Please, Roon, comply!

I have exactly the same problem although I’m even more frustrated as I paid for a Tidal family account thinking that would overcome it but it hasn’t.
Tried to set up a new user to use for Roon but of course favourites etc start from scratch so not an option…

No Tidal family gives you multiple accounts but each account can still only stream from one place.

It can be frustrating, but seems to be no point in setting up an additional account if you have not got your music available on it. But that is a possible option if you can synchronise the music

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Hey @Adrian_Stanciu,

Thanks for sharing with us how this specific way Roon handles the connection with the TIDAL account impacts you. We appreciate it whenever our subscribers talk about their experiences.

I have moved this thread to the Feature Suggestions category as it seems it’s more appropriate in gauging the interest in such a feature and giving everyone a space to share their experiences :nerd_face:

I have the same issue with Spotify (which my family often plays at home via Sonos, and I often listen to in my car because it’s well integrated). I’ve tried to sort out the accounts, but someone always has to be the one that Alexa plays on Sonos, and then that person gets annoyed.

Spotify has the advantage that the app can “grab control” but then the family gets into Spotify wars trying to grab control back and forth. It’s actually kind of fun.

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