Roon install failure - can't find ffmpeg or mount.cifs - SOLVED

I am trying to install Roon on a new system running Arch Linux 5.9.13 (current). The system is up and running fine. But I am unable to install roonserver.

Roonserver installer fails to find ffmpeg and mount.cifs commands. They are installed and located in /usr/bin. The path includes /usr/bin.

Any ideas?

ffmpeg and mount.cifs are also in /bin and /sbin which are also in the path.

Are there any changes to the install script that could overcome this issue?

@support please help (it’s my unit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

SOLVED - Both and scripts use the ‘which’ command. The current Arch install process does not install this by default. Simply run ‘pacman -S which’ to install it and the scripts will find ffmpeg and cifs.mount.

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