Roon installation on a different machine

Can I download Roon software on to this notebook if it is already on my PC?

From How many licenses do I need?:

What’s included in a license?

A Roon license includes the following:

  • 1 Roon core that manages your music library (your “main” installation)
  • Unlimited Roon Remotes (Windows PC’s, Macs, Android devices, Apple iPads and iPhones)

Can my license be used in more than one location?

Yes! If you only have one Roon license, you can simply log in to Roon at any location, and Roon will prompt you to de-authorize the previously active installation. However, you can’t run Roon in two locations at the same time with only one license.

If you would like to run Roon in two (or more) locations concurrently, you will need to purchase additional license(s) so you can run a new Roon core in another location.

I will not bore with details but I’ve had a hardware problem on my desktop which means it could be out of action for some time so want to install ROON on this notebook until the PC is repaired.

Are there any difficulties about that and if not could someone give me a link to install the software here please.



Choose the appropriate Roon (Control, Core, Output) Server download for your system form

Make sure also to do a backup to USB disk/stick and restore that to the new machine so you retain your library edits etc


While your PC is being repaired you can absolutely use Roon on your Notebook as long as it meets our requirements. You’ll want to do the following:

If you have any other questions please let us know!

Thanks for the replies and apologies for this slow response but it was only today when I finally got back to the music. I already had backups from the PC and fortunately, had one on a memory stick to reinstate the editing, tags etc on the notebook. The main PC is US so I’m using the backup HDD of music files on this notebook (an i7 lenovo X220 with 16GB RAM and a 1TB SSD C drive).

One thing is bugging me though and I’ve not experienced it before. There is an irriitating nagging little blue window on the iPAD telling me I have not backed up Roon. Curiously there was no such window on the core notebook. Anyway I did do a BU so it vanished.

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