Roon installation on the iPad takes up a lot of space

Hello, I have Roon Remote installed on an iPad Pro 11 with 64 G Ram. After prolonged use, documents and data take up to 30G of data, which becomes a problem for me because there is no space on the tablet. Is there any simple solution to this problem. Do you have to uninstall and reinstall every time?


How big is your roon library? Tracks.

I think its all the cached album art. Sometimes i just have to delete the app and reinstall it. Clearing cache doesnt seem to free up the space, but i dont think ive rebooted my ipad after to see if that updates the storage usage.

My library has 3,500 albums.

That’s a lot for so few albums.

This has been a long time “issue”. I periodically have to delete the Roon app then reload it to clear the memory or it will continue to grow, gobbling up every bit of available memory, impacting my iPad’s performance. Clearing the cache, rebooting, etc, does not work.

In that case it remains, uninstall it from time to time and then install it.

Weird that they can’t solve it programmatically, or add options to clean up data files every now and then. By the way, I wonder what Roon writes there

This another of those unpredictable Roon “gripes.” Some users have massive storage issues others have no problems!
I’m in the latter category with just under 3000 albums…

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