Roon Installation, Update, Folder Visibility, HDD Compatibility, Language Support, and Folder Playback Issues (ref#AF9WSB)

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Roon Issue Category

Installation or Setup

Description of Issue

  1. What is the available Roon Optimized Core Kit version? Is there automatic update feature on the ROCK server? How to see AVAILABLE version?
  2. As your Roon site description I make copy music to ROCK\Data\Storages\Music. But no such Folder or copied music on Roon App. When I’d would add Folder to Storage I cannot see any DATA or Storage or Music Folders at all. No Copied Music. Why? I need copy my music to HDD.
  3. How to add 4TB W.D. SSD NTFS - it seems your server doesn’t support them. Why?
  4. Why no any searches by added music in Russian or other letters other than English.
  5. Where I can show and start music play by Folder. What can I do to see folder on connected Roon Server? Search functions doesn’t work so please add function to see and choose added music to play by FOLDERS.

Roon Server Platform

Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)

Roon Server Specifications

Intel 8Gb 1Tb 1Gb LAN

Connected Audio Devices

USB to ROSE 250 Streamer to Chord HUGO TT2 DAC

Home Network Details

Ethernet via 1gbit ZTE Router

Hi @Serge_Baker,
All the answers to your questions can be found here.

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