Roon interface Slow, Slow, SLOOOOW!

Roon Server Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

NETGEAR Orbi (Gigabit cabled setup)

Connected Audio Devices

HIFI Rose 150B

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

When you start a thread in the #supportcategory, make sure to include:

  • What’s not working (super slow loading everything)
  • How often the issue occurs (all the time)

What did you do with this wonderful interface!!!

It’s so frustrating that everything has become so SUPER slow. Honestly I can’t remember when this was a joy to use. It’s been so many updates and still it’s so slow loading everything.

You really need to go back to the drawing board and fix this issue. It is not okay !

All your users have been waiting patiently for you to resolve this issue for many many months now.

Please fix it so we can use what we purchased, thank you


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Just to add closing the app down works ….i know we shouldn’t have to but it does sort the issue …….temporarily

Hi @Rasmus_Kanlund,

As this is a support request topic and not a general discussion topic I’ve split out the commentary so it does not distract and will enable Roon’s @support team to help you more efficiently.

A clarification point, this is not affecting all users, but I agree it is very frustrating to those that are affected. From what I’ve seen / read there are some specific library and/or environment issues that are contributing to these slowdowns. Roon’s support team and in the background their development team are working to track down these issues.

I’d like see them fixed as well and if some issues are not fixable in the short-medium team then I like Roon to publish those limitations so user can make an informed decision.

For now I can only advise to work with Roon’s @support team to help collate more data-points on these slowdowns.

Your show pics of your phone interface, however, you do not specify the device or the OS of the phone.

Assuming your computer is attached to your network via Ethernet, have you tried using Roon on your computer and do you have the same issues?