Roon Interruptus

Have you had any response from Roon Support yet?
I see lots of folks have been posting in vain with the same skipping issues I have also experienced since the advent of Roon1.8 and yet we don’t seem to be anywhere near a resolution.
Unless you consider the contention from Roon that all of our networks have suddenly gone bad…:see_no_evil:
It’s far too much of a coincidence to see so many folks posting with the same issues on Tidal, Qobuz and file streaming - and all starting after the release of 1.8…
I don’t think anyone would mind if Roon came out and said what is happening (or that they don’t know) - and there was a dialogue.
Just to leave everybody hanging and not understanding what the problem is - isn’t really very good.
Roon - you are better than this…



I read and understand there are a lot of folks having these skipping issues and it should not be ignored for sure.

However I would be very sure there are the vast majority of users who do NOT have this issue.

This makes it very difficult for Roon to nail it down I would think?

And why they suspect it could be network or equipment related.
From what I understand, gear and/ or network that was just ok on 1.7 might actually not be ok on 1.8.

Just my musings…

I’ve been having this issue and spending too much time pondering what has happened. Just yesterday it dawned on me that in one aspect, Roon 1.8 improved quite a bit. Why it took so long to notice is at first the new UI threw me for a loop and I was focused on adjusting to the new layout, then the skipping issue caught and held my attention. But what I overlooked is that the performance of the software interface improved quite a bit. Where it used to take 10-15 seconds for some of my massive playlists to load, they now load in 1-2 seconds. There is still a lag when I manually change tracks. It takes 5-6 seconds for a new track to play when I manually advance to a new track. What this means to the skipping tracks issue, I don’t know for sure, but perhaps in the effort to improve performance in some areas, there was a step back in others?

In a vacuum, the mind will fill the space. Without direction from Roon on this, those of us with this issue will continue to speculate.


Thank you for your efforts, Roon Doctors!!!

Never say never…but…after a few days of listening I’ve not had a skip with any songs! The cure has worked and my life is back to normal…or as normal for me as it will ever be.

Conrad Rontgen first discovered X-Rays in 1892, Frederick Banting discovered insulin in 1920, and Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928. Greater than all those discoveries was the cure of Roon Interruptus in 2021. Human kind owes a great debt of gratitude to the good Roon Doctors and Scientists that have given us back the ability to enjoy our music uninterrupted. May the Noble Foundation find a way to award a Noble Prize to those involved with this cure. Thank you!


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