Roon ios app “connecting... connection failed”

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Roon server > Netgear switch > asus wifi router < virgin hub in modem mode

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Description Of Issue

When using the Roon ios app, trying to find the Roon server, it displays the correct server (it has the right IP address) and automatically starts “connecting…” then after a few seconds “connection failed”, and repeats this a few times before giving up.

My setup was working fine (for a couple of years in fact) and no changes have been made to the roon server for a long time.

It used to be connected directly to my ISP wifi router, and using my iPhone/iPad I could connect to Roon

What changed is that I’ve now got a new highend wifi router that has taken over main network duties. The ISP router is now in modem mode. I can connect to the internet using the new wifi and using wired connection. However, because the new router is far away from my hifi and there are 3 internet devices on my hifi, I’ve connected up a Netgear switch (no wifi) to connect these 3 devices (which I had to reboot to connect up to the new network and get the dhcp ip with the same first 4 numbers as all the other network devices). I can RDP to my audio server and it can see/browse the internet as normal.

Is there any setting I should look at? Any ideas how to troubleshoot this? Many thanks in advance!

Hi @peteAllen,

Thanks for reaching out here. From your issue description, this sounds like it could be a multicast issue, and I suggest we investigate this further. I have a few questions/suggestions starting off:

Can you provide some more info regarding this switch? Is it a managed or unmanaged switch? What is the model number? Is the behavior the same if you bypass the switch and have the Core connected directly to the router?

As per our Networking Best Practices Guide, we reccomend a specific setting for Asus routers:

ASUS Routers

We recommend enabling “Enable Multicast Routing” option in settings.

Can you give this a try and let me know if it changes anything?

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Thanks for your help. I enabled multicasting but that didn’t make any difference however then when I couldn’t get to the switch’s admin Portal I tried putting the network cable from the main wifi router into a normal port, and then everything started working! Thanks again!

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Hi @peteAllen,

Glad to hear that bypassing the switch resolved the issue!

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