Roon iOS app disappears after several seconds of use

Hi - the Roon app on my iPhone 12 Pro disappears after several seconds on an iPhone 12 Pro (I think it did this on the 11 Pro too). I’ll be browsing albums and suddenly the app closes. It has not crashed because I can still swipe through the apps to it. It just closes, then the Home Screen is visible. When I re-select the app I have to start scrolling through albums again from the top. The speed at which I scroll does not seem to make a difference. Scrolling through albums will eventually cause the app to close suddenly, not that far into the list.

This is very frustrating. Love Roon, but none of my other apps have exhibited such behavior in iOS.

Latest iOS and latest Roon OS and app version. The core is on a Nucleus+ hardwired to a wifi satellite. Yes, I’ve restarted. Thx.

Hi Andrew,

You might try to

  • reboot the phone, Nucleus, router, switches
  • reinstall the app on the phone to clear cached data


Thanks Nick. Reinstalling the iOS app on the phone seemed to do the trick. Stable so far. Enjoying it :grinning:

I have had intermittent crash issues after 15-20 seconds on my iPhone for over a year now. I have sent plenty of data to the Roon team and lots of people have issues. Lately it has started crashing on me at least once a day and a phone restart is the only thing that I’ll resolve it.

Roon is more than aware it is an issue for quite a few users but they still haven’t been able to resolve it so I gave up on telling them. Perhaps one day. I am not holding my breath.

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