Roon IOS App on Ipad - Roon not responding to Trackpad

Roon Rock build 831

Connected Audio Devices

Description of Issue

<!--Write below this line-→ When using an iPad the Roon App does not pick up scrolling using the trackpad yet the keyboard does work for entering text. Can you please get the trackpad to work for scrolling.

Hey @anon24505637, thank you for mentioning this.

We currently do not have an integration for Roon and the Magic Keyboard trackpad; however, we have had many users voice their opinions on that matter and have relayed that information over to our Product Team. We do not currently have a timeline on this.

Just like you, other Roon subscribers have seen the value in trackpad integrations:

Magic Keyboard Suggestion

It would be of great help if you wanted to express your interest in this feature as well. Our product team is closely monitoring this thread to gauge interest in what’s being proposed.


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