Roon iOS app problem -- Volume Down is actually UP for Sonos

Roon Core Machine

Mac Studio 2022 64GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Roon Core direct connection to Router via Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

iOS devices via Wi-Fi
Sonos One Speakers via Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

When pressing Volume Down button on Roon Remote running on iPhone 14 Pro Max, Sonos Speakers volume go up instead.

I have to quit Roon app to make it work properly, but after a few mins, the problem returns.

No, my brand new iPhone buttons are not broken, as no other native apps running on iPhone have this problem. This only happens when using direct Sonos streaming (haven’t tried Airplay).

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

@RoonFan, to further assist with this, what version of Roon Remote is installed on your iPhone and what version of iOS are you using?

Roon Remote 2.0.01202

iOS: 16.3

I updated my original post above to make the issue more clear.

I just tried to verify it on my iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16.3.1 and Roon Remote 1212 (earlyaccess) and the volume control worked as expected. Let’s see if anyone reports something similar.

@Robert_F Did you use “Sonos streaming” to play on Sonos speakers?

So far, I only encountered this issue when using Sonos streaming.

@RoonFan, sorry, I don’t have any Sonos devices in my network.

I upgraded to iOS 16.3.1, so far this volume bug on Sonos hasn’t returned.

Hopefully it stays this way because it has been bugging me for weeks.

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