Roon iOS crashes

My iPhone app has resumed crashing. This is what’s logged by the OS:

default	14:04:56.406294 -0500	runningboardd	Calculated state for application<>: none (role: None)
default	14:04:56.407180 -0500	SpringBoard	[application<>:7889] Process exited: <RBSProcessExitContext; specific: <RBSProcessExitStatus; domain: jetsam (1); code: per-process-limit (7)>>.
default	14:04:56.407283 -0500	SpringBoard	[application<>:7889] Setting process task state to: Not Running
default	14:04:56.407382 -0500	SpringBoard	[application<>:7889] Setting process visibility to: Unknown
default	14:04:56.407482 -0500	SpringBoard	Removing: <FBApplicationProcess: 0x102c468d0; application<>:7889>
default	14:04:56.407536 -0500	SpringBoard	Process exited: <FBApplicationProcess: 0x102c468d0; application<>:7889> -> <RBSProcessExitContext; specific: <RBSProcessExitStatus; domain: jetsam (1); code: per-process-limit (7)>>
default	14:04:56.408533 -0500	SpringBoard	Application process state changed for (null)
default	14:04:56.421172 -0500	SpringBoard	No longer tracking: <FBScene: 0x283f13900; sceneID:; valid: YES>
default	14:04:56.424923 -0500	runningboardd	Acquiring assertion targeting 7889 from originator [daemon<>:7176] with description <RBSAssertionDescriptor;; ID: 27-7176-114854; target: 7889> attributes = {
    <RBSRunningReasonAttribute: 0x102b45b60; runningReason: 17>;
    <RBSGPUAccessGrant: 0x102b40c10>;
    <RBSCPUAccessGrant: 0x102b88c40; role: NonUserInteractive>;
    <RBSJetsamPriorityGrant: 0x102b595d0; priority: Background>;
    <RBSPreventIdleSleepGrant: 0x102b257c0>;
default	14:04:56.474938 -0500	locationd	{"msg":"#CLIUA Marking change", "clientKey":"", "reason":"Process state from RunningBoard", "assertionLevel":4, "coming":0}
default	14:04:56.502630 -0500	ReportCrash	Formulating fatal report for corpse[7889] RoonMobile
default	14:04:56.517455 -0500	symptomsd	defusing ticker tickerFatal having seen progress by flow for, rxbytes 8164 duration 26.386 seconds started at time: Thu Dec  5 14:04:29 2019
default	14:04:56.522247 -0500	symptomsd Foreground: false
default	14:04:56.522399 -0500	symptomsd	call _saveAndUnloadSelectState on exiting foreground state

Hello @Steve_Kalkwarf,

If you reboot the iPhone, does the Roon app continue to crash?


In two minutes of poking around, it hasn’t crashed.

I do hope you don’t consider “reboot” to be a solution. It’s a Unix machine. :slight_smile:

Hello @Steve_Kalkwarf,

Could you provide us with some information about your network setup? Things like your router make/type, if you have any wireless access points, hubs/switches between the Roon Core and the router, and if you have any VPN’s active on your iPhone would be a good start.


I doubt that it matters, but sure.

Ubiquti EdgeRouter Lite. Multiple APs on a UniFi wireless network. The core is running on a Mac Pro, connected via Ethernet to a UniFi gigabit switch.

No VPNs active.

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