Roon iOS devices miscommunicating w/one another

Roon Core Machine

MacMini 2018 16Gb/2Tb: Monterey 12.5.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero pro 6 mesh network (3 nodes). 5G/2.5ghz. Roon core Mac mini direct Ethernet to router. All devices, core and non-core, use single wifi ssid.

Connected Audio Devices

iPad, iOS phones 13 in this case: all connected wifi to same SSID, have turned off bt to test but does not affect or resolve the issue still occurring on 9/15/22.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

recently my control devices act strangely. I’m using the iPad and an iPhone 13 for this example.
when Roon is open on both devices, Roon loses connection, regains, loses, and this happens over and over. When I shut down Roon on one device, Roon on the other regains connection and remains stable. The instability occurs ON BOTH DEVICES to the point where it is nearly impossible to interact with Roon. The behavior repeats itself: lost connection/disconnect, regain, drop, over and over.
I’ve turned to my Mac laptop out of frustration as the problem does not occur there.
signed - baffled.
(Phillip Crump)

Just guessing, but could it be that you have an IP conflict? Both iOS devices sharing the same IP address?

thanks - good guess but IP different (…4.23 and …4.25) on these two devices.

It’d be really helpful if you complete the section on your network. Thanks.

I agree with @Martin_Webster, we need additional information on your network. As you are sharing the same SSID, you may be sharing a very limited capacity 2.4 GHz signal that is results in a poor connection for both iOS devices.

Are you using the Eero Pro 6E or the Eero 6+ ( just want to make sure)? Also are the Eero devices using Ethernet via a cable for backhaul or through a wireless mesh?


Thanks for writing in! I’m sorry to hear you’re running into connection issues with your roon remotes. As others have stated, providing a more detailed breakdown of your network would be helpful.

If possible, please simplify your network as much as possible, bypassing any nodes to get your core hardwired directly to your router (for testing purposes). Also, give your router a and network a hard reboot as this can often times help clear up connectivity issues.

I’ll be on standby for your response :+1:

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