Roon iOS set up issue

Hi, I’ve installed Roon on my PC, using it for Tidal and Primare NP5 MK2. All is working well on my laptop for playing music. I’d like to also control it from my iPhone, so I installed the Roon App, but I can’t get past the ‘Choose your Roon Core’ screen. It just says connecting to ‘Windows 11’. Seems to be trying to connect to my laptop, but won’t connect. Any ideas what I need to do to get it up and running from my iPhone?


Hi @Tom_Scott-Arthur,

It’s most likely a firewall issue, as a test try temporarily switching the Windows firewall off on your Roon Core device (your laptop I believe). If that works, double check the firewalls exceptions list to make sure it allows access for Roon.

See linked page below for more details…


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