Roon iPad (build 65) update not showing on iPad

Roon build 65 was released 22 days ago but the iPad update is still nowhere in sight. Is it normal for the appstore to take 22 days to approve an app?

Unfortunately, 2 submissions in, they rejected us for having a link to our website in the description of the app. They didn’t care the first two times, but then rejected us for this minor thing unrelated to the app update.

Then, things were good for a while, and then they dinged us because our video was “stylized” and not just plain screenshots. The video was there from the start, so unsure why they dinged us months later, but so it goes.

We keep getting these stupid rejections which only delay the release. Over time, I hope they will find less to be annoying about. Can you tell that I’m bitter? :wink:

Doesn’t show at all Danny. Font kerning will be next …

Hahaha no wonder. Must be a different person checking the app.