Roon iPad stuck. App closure and Roon Nucleus reboot does not work

Roon Core Machine

4 year old Roon Nucleus (not on site to provide more info)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Switch - SOTM sNH-10G Hardwired

Connected Audio Devices

Meridian 808

Number of Tracks in Library

dont know

Description of Issue

Client has 13 iPad. Roon Software is locked up and no functionality from any buttons or search or back or menu.
Restarting App does nothing. comes up to the same page as before with no functionality.
Power reboot on Roon Nucleus and App restart does nothing. Comes back to same page.
The page is just a category page from a tidal search with no albums available.

No Reboots of software or hardware have any effect.

Thank you

Remove and reinstall the iPad App

I am not sure if there is a hard drive in his roon since it is just for streaming, will there be any issues of Loss of information from his library or favorites etc. by removing app and re-installing?

Not at all.
It’s just a remote app.
Might have to turn off Roon Radio is about it, think it defaults to on with a new install.

Thank you!


Hi @john_wieschendorff1, did reinstalling the iPad help?

Hi Dylan,
Thanks for the follow up! Client is going to try that today. He had Jury Duty yesterday :slight_smile: Will let you know how it goes.

Thanks so much!


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