Roon iPad volume slider bug[Fixed... Pending next build]

First: Roon on iPad is amazing. Bravo.

One little niggle: it’s not possible to press, hold, and slide the slider “knob” until you tap somewhere else on the slider.

How to reproduce: Let’s say my volume is at 100%. I press and hold the slider knob and try to turn down the volume.

Expected behavior: The slider moves to the left and the volume decreases.

Actual behavior: The slider doesn’t move and the volume does not decrease.

Workaround: Tap anywhere on the volume slider (say at the mid-way point, 50% volume). The volume will drop to that level and you can now press, hold, and slide the slider to your heart’s content.


Yes, I see that too. It happens at both extreme ends of the slider. You can’t grab the dot at 0% and 100%. You have to tap it away from the ends to get it to slide.

Cheers, Greg

Verified. One for you @Brian2?

Thanks for the report, @RoonForImprovement :wink:

Just pushed a fix for this. The image for the handle overlapped the hot area for the scroll action. You’ll see this working properly in the next build.