Roon iPadOS app not loading images (covers / artists etc.)

Roon Core Machine

QNAP 453DX 4GB NAS w/ Roon running off SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wi-Fi connection through an Ignition Labs Portal Wi-Fi Router in transparent mode connecting via CAT5e into a Sagem F@st 5655v2 AC router acting as a switch to the NAS.

Connected Audio Devices

Does not matter if playback is through the iPad or another network Roon device.

Number of Tracks in Library

30000 tracks, Mostly Qobuz and Tidal.

Description of Issue

The IPad app fails to load album covers, or loads only some of them, fails to load artists, Qobuz/Tidal pages. The all albums page tend to load fine if the app is restarted, but fails when exiting from another album or menu. Problem was sporadic before, but since the last update it is almost permanent. I have tried restarting the server, deleting the album cache.

Hi @Aron_Ecsedy, is this issue exclusive to the iPad? If you use a different remote does it work okay? What’s the model of the iPad?

If you go to Settings > Setup and increase the memory for images allowed is there any improvement?

Hello Dylan,

Thanks for the quick reply.

However, awkwardly, the problem disappeared as I’ve checked this morning (my time) after your message. Which is kind of strange considering that it was there since the update. However, apparently all my devices today did seem to be loading everything from the Core instead of cache when starting up (visible loading of images).

It was a 2018 Ipad Pro 12.9". I did use max cache size. The problem did not appear on the PC.

Thanks anyway.

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