Roon iPhone app constantly crashes

I’m using sonic Transporter i5 as my core. This has been going on for awhile now. The iPhone app for Roon crashes constantly. I open the app and start navigating and it just closes pretty quickly. Can’t even make it through a song.

Is there any reason why? Is my library too robust for the Sonic Transporter i5? It has over 260K tracks. It’s unacceptable since I use the app regularly. The point of the i5 was to run Roon solely with no issues.

Please help me understand why as this never happened when I ran Roon Core on my PC.

Post in the support category and fill in the required information.

Where is the support section?

I’ve seen several posts about the app crashing. Sometimes if the ST is indexing I understand if the app wants to lag or shut down. But ST isn’t doing anything and the app always shuts down after a few seconds.

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Well, it looks like rebooting my iPhone fixed the app crashing issue. I re-booted everything in the chain except for that. Last times a charm.


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