Roon is ambiguous on artist 'U.N.K.L.E.'


Got several albums form UNKLE ( that are all identified being from the same artist (namely UNKLE), but Roon shows the artist name differently (as is also mentioned in the wikipedia article).

I don’t mind which one, but it would be preferrable if Roon just uses a single way of writing the artist name.

Love the Psyence Fiction album! The artist in Roon is UNKLE then, the way it supposed to be imho.

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Agreed (on both), but now I see in Roon the following: Unkle, UNKLE, U.N.K.L.E.

Is everything identified?

If you can post some screenshots, we can look into this.

New one isn’t identified yet, but I guess you get the picture. In the review text it’s the same, but the artist name is not.

Hey Harry. This is simply that Rovi has used U.N.K.L.E. as the album artist string (I’m not sure why, but this type of thing isn’t really worth arguing over). Assuming that the U.N.K.L.E. link takes you to the correct UNKLE artist page, your best bet is simply to edit the album artist.

weird, war stories should have UNKLE, as that is what is written all over the album’s liner notes and the CD’s back: (click more images)

@joel – submit correction?

@spockfish – what said Unkle?

‘Unkle’ said the new album (A Night’s Interlude Ep. 1 (The Road Reconstructed)), but that’s still unidentified so I guess we can ignore that one for now.

All of the 17 albums & EPs that I possess have been identified as ‘UNKLE’ - Including ‘The Road Pt.1’ - which is how it’s shown on all the covers.
However, I’ve definitely seen ‘U.N.K.L.E.’ referred to from time to time. I’ve not seen ‘Unkle’.

Unkle is how some guys on Wikipedia edited it. UNKLE is what is written on everything they’e released, and U.N.K.L.E. is from their first track release being credited to “Men from U.N.K.L.E” – their albums are all UNKLE.

Funny fact: major audio-related development at Roon often has a musical theme… in this case, the KEF LS50W integration was heavily debugged on my side using UNKLE tracks.


On that topic: this latest album ( is still not recognized… Can you guys have a look?


@support can you have a look at this album? it’s still not identified…

I took a quick look and I don’t see this release in AllMusic or Musicbrainz, do you? We’re not using Discogs yet…

No, that explains it. I was under the impression that Discogs was already integrated :wink:

I need to have some patience then.

Thanks for looking into this!

I’ve added it to MusicBrainz.


Ok. Nice, this works. My edits in MusicBrainz have been accepted, and the album is recognized in Roon.

Me happy, and I presume UNKLE as well :wink: