Roon is annoyingly slow

I started using Roon a couple of months ago and it was great. Now it is slower and slower. Search, updating images, taking keyboard input. Everything is super slow. I think it started with version update 1.6 but can’t say for sure. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I am using Windows 10 on a Dell Optiplex 7010 i5-3470 CPU and 4G of RAM. My output is a Shiit Modi Multibit DAC over USB. I am connecting to Tidal. I disconnected my local files (it is a large library on an external network drive) but everything is still amazingly slow. I sit and wait a minute or so after clicking for something to happen.

If I don’t get a resolution I may try another PC but if this can’t run well on a Windows 10 machine I will have to cancel my subscription.

I was impressed at first but right now I am glad I didn’t buy the lifetime membership. I see a lot of complaints for this but there doesn’t seem to be a documented resolution or an explanation on what is going on.


I see something as you do. Don’t know for sure the cause, but suspect it is in the addition and removal of files/albums. I have been wanting to get to a point where I can do a clean reinstall of the core and a reindex of the albums/tracks.

Hi @George_Arndt,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

How many tracks total are in your Roon library, including TIDAL? If you temporarily disable TIDAL in Roon do things speed up at all?

Does rebooting seem to speed things up?


I’ve had a similar problem, and also trace it back to 1.6, although this is anecdotal. in desperation, i finally deleted all Tidal/Qobuz tracks from my library, and roon runs much better.

this might not be a solution for everyone, and it might not have been the core issue, but so far, it works much better.

I am not in front of the system currently but here are some details of my setup.

  • Details on your Core machine (OS, Hardware specs)
    Windows 10, SATA drive, 4G RAM, 250GB hard drive, i5 processor
  • Networking details (especially what hardware you’re using, how everything is connected, and anything notable about how it’s all configured)
    WiFi connected to internet and network storage device. Wifi signal is strong, internet connection is also very reliable.
  • Audio devices in use
    Schiit Modi Multibit DAC
  • Library details (where your music is stored, whether you’re using a streaming service, how many tracks are in your library)
    Network storage (approx 5000 tracks)
    Using Tidal - a couple dozen Tidal albums in libary


  1. Literally every activity is “slow.” I have not disconnected Tidal but I did delete my library and it was still very slow. I have since rebuilt the library and it is just as slow. Please give direction on how to temporarily disable Tidal.
  2. Rebooting does not improve things.
  3. I am thinking about adding a SSD as boot drive and to hold Roon database and also moving the networked library to a local hard drive on PC. Can you provide tips on optimizing the Roon database?

Hi @George_Arndt,

As mentioned in our Networking Guide, I definitely recommend connecting both your Core machine and network storage to the network via Ethernet. We recommend this whenever possible and it will often speed things up (especially with network storage and TIDAL in use).

We recommend using an SSD to store your Roon database whenever possible. An SSD can definitely help to speed things up here.

Thanks Dylan. I will follow the user guides and tips and beef up the network and architecture. It might take me a couple weeks as I don’t have a lot of free time. I will switch to a SSD for the core and localize the library. I may even move the output to a Rasberry Pie using the Roon Bridge. I may not be able to drop an ethernet cable for the core internet connection right away - but if everything else doesn’t work I will try that as well.

I will post my results later.

That sounds like a plan, @George_Arndt!

Using an SSD and Ethernet connection should definitely yield some improvements here. Definitely let us know how things are going once those are in place and we can go from there.


system works great now that I have a wired ethernet connection to my core. I also added memory to the core and I now run it headless - using VNC if I need to get into it. I have a Rasberry Pi (RoPieee build) over wifi to one DAC. And another connection I have small form factor PC running Ubuntu roon bridge for another DAC. System is now flawless! I sue my phone or iPad to run the system.


Thanks for the update, @George_Arndt! Happy to hear that things are working well for you now. Happy listening :headphones:

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