Roon is crashing due to bad graphics driver [Solved]


Today us Oct 4, 2015 and I have been running Roon v1.1 for about 15 days. I have had regular OpenGL problems with Roon on my Windows 10 Enterprise machine running with 48 GB of ram . I have 2 video cards, Nvidia GeForce NVS 290 and 295 on this machine for 3 monitors. I have installed the latest 64-bit Windows 10 video drivers from Nvidia. This machine was running Windows 2012 Server R2 with the same hardware configuration as described above. I had no problems with Win2012R2 though I never had Roon during that time.

I am now getting a lot of system crashes. I was able to once see that a crash was directly related to OpenGL since my Visual Studio Shell debugger captured the exception and gave me some rudimentary info. I was not able to start the debugger because I did not have a complete install of Visual Studio. I will be putting this on soon to try and get a debugger to capture future crashes. These crashes result in a system reboot. I am fairly certain it is Roon that is blowing up and taking the system down.

I will send more diagnostics when I capture more information. For now I wanted to bring this to your attention and also ask if there are any suggestions from your team to remedy the problem.

Hello @yyzSB,thank you for your feedback.

Your explanation of things makes us think that your system crashes must be caused by OpenGL driver. Roon can’t be the reason of the system crash, because it is a user-mode application and when you start such app, Windows creates a separate process for it. As a result each application runs in isolation, and if an application crashes, the crash is limited to that one application - other apps or OS can’t be affected by it. Nevertheless Roon can trigger some bad code in the driver (which is running in kernel mode and not isolated from other drivers or OS) and as a result system may crash.
But without crash reports, which you’ve mentioned in your post, it is impossible to troubleshoot the issue.

I understand what you are saying. My observation is that the system would go down with only Roon running. After some time I was trying to resolve the source of the crash and Roon was the only application that I was able to reproduce the OpenGL issue. I learned from Nvidia’s web site that Windows 10 has a new display engine. The video card I have is using the legacy display tech and it is likely Nvidia has some bad driver code in the latest driver (for the legacy tech).

I was not able to install VIsual Studio on Window 10 due to a bug in VS installer. I did not want to resolve all of this so I just went back to Windows 2012 R2 Server. I use this OS at work and home with Roon (with Visual Studio). I do not anticipate any issues.

Thank you for the feedback @yyzSB, glad we were managed to sort this out (kind of :unamused: ) . I’m going to mark this thread as solved and it will be closed within 24 hours. Feel free to create a new one in case you have any other issues.


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