Roon is crashing - Macbook Pro Early 2015 i5 Sierra v. 10.12.3

Roon has crashed about once a week for the past three weeks. This is completely new to me - Roon has been very very stable so far on my laptop.

And, if it could help, Roon is crashing at moment where my laptop seems not to be overloaded. A few other applications could be open, but nothing too serious, and Roon is the only application crashing. As far as I can tell, it is always crashing while I am playing music through my DAC/headphone amplifier (JDSLabs The Element), never when I am playing music through an Airplay device (Cambridge Audio).

Has it happened to other users with a similar computer or OS? Is there something I should do to avoid future crashes?

Thank you!

And I should also add that Roon’s DB is on the SSD of the laptop, and that all the music is on an attached (usb) HDD.

Similar, yes: Crashing on mac quite regular; once per day

I’m getting regular RoonServer crashes on a dedicated Roon Core VM. No idea if this is the same issue:

Hey @David_Rocheleau_Houl – can you run down the basics of your setup for us?

Would you also mind dumping us some logs, as described here? Thanks!

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Hi @mike, I am working on that! I should be able to provide everything soon. Thank you for your reply.

Version of Roon: 1.3. build 209 stable 64 bit

OSX 10.12.3

MacBook Pro Early 2015 i5 w 8gb of ram

Storage: WD My Book for Mac, connected to the laptop via USB

Collection size: 17500 tracks.

As fas as I know, Roon has only crashed while I was using my DAC/headphone amp (JDS Labs The Element), connected to the core via USB

I just sent my logs.

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Hi @David_Rocheleau_Houl ---- Thank you for the follow up and taking the time to provide the requested feedback. Touching base with you to confirm that your logs have been received and are in our queue for evaluation. Once we have some feedback for you, a member of our team will be sure to follow up asap. Your patience is appreciated!


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