Roon is Crashing on PC that is Used as a Remote

Roon is crashing every time I try to open it on my Desktop PC. I’m using my desktop PC as a remote to control my nucleus server.

Please note that I’m not having any issues with crashing when using /my iPhone or iPad which I also use as remotes.

It first started happening after doing a back-up between the nucleus external hard drive AND a redundant “back-up” hard drive thru my PC. Then it asked me to update to Roon version 1.8 build 913 which I did.

After completing the update to the new version of Roon I plugged in the redundant “back-up” hard drive to the nucleus. I then opened up Roon on the PC and the screen showed for a second and then it crashed.

I then shut off & unplugged the redundant back-up hard drive and plugged in the nucleus external hard drive. I then turned on the iPad and everything worked fine and the same was true with my iPhone. I then tried the PC again and it still continued crash.

I’ve re-booted the PC and re-installed Roon on the PC multiple times w/no success.

See attached pictures.


Core: Nucleus Server hardwired w/cat 6 cable
Remotes: iPad Air 2, iPhone 7 & Lenova Model #510A Desktop w/8 GB memory - processor speed 2.8 ghz, Ram - 8GB - 1GB Solid State Drive - Windows 10 Operating System

Spectrum Modem Model #ES2251 - Speed averages 450 dowload and 22 upload
Netgear router - Nighthawk AC2300 Smart wi-fi router model #R7000P
All hardwired cat 6 cable

Prima Luna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier
Lumin D2 - Streamer DAC - hard wired cat 6 cable

Check your shortcut, particularly the numeric value at the end.

Hi Patrick:

Can you please clarify where and how I would go into the redundant back-up hard drive and change the network path under Roon Properties Sharing tab? Would I change the application number to 100800911 on the redundant hard drive?

I’m a novice at this and really appreciate any tips. I don’t want to make things worst.

Thanks so much for your help!

My initial reply was simply to correct your shortcut so it pointed to the correct directory based on the version of Roon installed in the hopes that your PC application would no longer crash. However, I am really confused here regarding the back-up methodology. Why is there a network share for your pc Roon remote directory (or maybe I am misreading something?)
I do not currently have access to my own system so I am flying a little blind myself.

Hi @Paula_Dempsey,

Can you explain what is happening in the last screenshot you shared in this thread? Are you trying to save your backups inside the Roon application folder? If so that’s definitely going to cause serious issues.

Can you please share a screenshot of your Scheduled backups settings? You don’t want to save backups in either the Application folder or in the same folders where any of your music is stored.