ROON is crashing regularly on Mac Mini


ROON is crashing regularly. Please see crash report and advise.

MAC Mini 8GB RAM, 1067 DDR3, Software OSX10.8.5. 16 port Cisco hub. Synology 1515+ NAS. Controler Ipad and Iphone. Sonore Ultra Rendu is the end point into a Audionote DAC.
I leave on the Mini on all the time and don’t use it for much else. I have paired down the software but wouldn’t mind making it an even more dedicated ROON server. Just not sure how to do that. Music collection consists of about 10,000 albums on the NAS.

Might want to add “@ support” to your post (without the space between the @ and support) That way they will get notified of your post…

Thanks. Completed… I think.

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Hi, @Ogie, thanks for your feedback here! Could you please follow the procedure here, and send me logs from your Core via a PM using dropbox or gdrive , if you don’t have accounts in any of those services, let me know and we’ll find a coinvenient way for to get to us.




I sent you a “reply” email to your last PM to me and got this message attached.

Can you contact me in a way that I can contact you back?




Hi @Ogie — In order to send a PM reply to @Ivan, you must click his Roon “icon” to bring up the following window and select “message”, as seen below.

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