Roon is Crashing!

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Sonic Transporter/Bluesound Speakers

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Spectrum/Motorola MG7550/Wi Fi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Sonic Transporter / Bluesound Wireless Pulse 2i’s
Description Of Issue
All day long my music with Roon on my Bluesound speakers is crashing. It’s an intermittent problem. When I call Bluesound and they check the signal strength from the router to the speakers it shows as “excellent”. This leads me to believe that the crashed signals are coming from Roon. Please help.

What are the exact symptoms you encounter?

While you’re waiting on a response from the official Roon support, you might as well have a read on this thread:

Thank you, BlackJack. Yes, the link you provided is what happens to me also. Since 9am - 3pm I’ve been getting lost connections, dropped signals, often every few seconds. Sometimes the music would restart. Sometimes not. It’s infuriating. For some reason, the music has been playing without interruption for the last 20 minutes. We will see if it continues. It’s odd, for a day or two Bluesound and Roon will work flawlessly and then the trouble starts all over again.

Hi @David_Hunter,

Is your Core also connected via WiFi?

If you play to other endpoints do you experience the same issue?

I have to see if my SonicTransporter is connected to WiFi? The SonicTransporter is connected via ethernet cable to my router. All my endpoints are the the four Bluesound Pulse 2i speakers and, yes, when one signal is dropped it is dropped on all four speakers.

Hi @David_Hunter,

Are you using the latest firmware for you Bluesound speakers? You can check this via the BluOS app.

Does the same behavior occur if you temporarily host the Roon Core on another PC? Note, you may want to perform a Backup of your database before you perform this test for safekeeping.

So that you are aware, we have often seen unsatisfactory performance with ISP-provided equipment as mentioned in our Networking Best Practices Guide. I can’t say for sure if this is the root cause of the issue but it is a variable to consider.

The same behavior occurs on all my devices, my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. This morning I cannot connect to Roon whatsoever. I just get this message “Remote Connection - Trying to Connect to Roon Core.” I can not bring up my Roon settings whatsoever! Ugh… so frustrating. What is wrong. Roon worked fine and now this? Can someone who works with Roon connect with my computer and check out the system? Thank you.

Hi @David_Hunter,

We can’t do remote support sessions, but what I did just to is activate diagnostics mode for your account and what this action does is automatically upload a set of logs to our servers from the SonicTransporter.

I’m looking over diagnostics and I am seeing quite a few network-related issues, you appear to be getting Name Resolution failures and long sync time warnings.

I believe it’s best if we confirm if this behavior occurs on another PC to know if we’re dealing with networking issues or Core issues. Can I please request that you create a Backup of your current Roon library and then temporarily host your Roon Core on the Macbook?

The overview of this process would be:

  • Make the database Backup
  • Install/open the Roon app on the Macbook
  • If you are already connected to the SonicTransporter, go to Roon Settings -> Disconnect
  • If you are not connected to the SonicTransporter, you would be presented with the “Choose your Core” screen
  • When asked to connect to a Core, instead of selecting the SonicTransporter, press “Use this PC”

Can you give this a try and let me know if you are seeing similar issues on the Macbook as the SonicTransporter?

@David_Hunter are you still having problems? If you are email me and i’ll take a look.

Today, I talked to Andrew about the SonicTransporter. The SonicTransporter is not connected to WiFi. It is connected via ethernet to my Motorola MG7550 Modem/Router. Also, because I live in NYC, I live in a large apartment building with many WiFi networks. Andrew suggested that I might switch all of the Bluesound Pulse 2i players to the 5G network because most of the networks in my building are on 2G - 4G. So I switched my computer, iPad, and iPhone to 5G and then configured the Pulse 2i’s to run on 5G. The signal strength on all the players shows as “Excellent” except for one of my 2i’s which shows as “Fair” or disappears off my network altogether. Very frustrating. I’ve called Bluesound to see what’s up and I’m waiting to hear back.

Hi @David_Hunter,

Apologies for the frustrations you are experiencing. Have you by any chance had time to run the previous test I mentioned?

I believe it’s best if we verify if this issue occurs on multiple PCs when hosting the Roon Core, so I would definitely suggest trying to run the Core on the Macbook to verify if the same behavior occurs.

Hi Noris,

I just wanted to give you an update. I have not done the process you recommended yet. I want to make sure that my WiFi is stable first. I want to change just one thing at a time to see where in the chain my dropouts happen. Today I was on the phone with Bluesound again and I’ve switched all 4 of my Pulse 2i’s and my MacBook Pro, iPad, & iPhone to use the 5G wireless network. Since I live in a large apartment building there are less 5G WiFi networks to interfere with my signal strength than the 2.4G network which is what I was using before.

So after I’ve made the changes my wireless signal is strong on all speakers except one. Neither Bluesound nor myself can figure out why I am having problems with just one speaker. I have changed the WiFi channel on my Modem/Router to try and find the strongest signal.

Even so, today at least, I have not had any issues with Roon dropping signals.

I think that the issue is NOT with the SonicTransporter. It’s connected to my Modem/Router with an ethernet cable. I am thinking the issue is either with my WiFi signal, Bluesound, or Roon. My guess at the moment is that it is a WiFi problem.

If the problem reoccurs then I will try your suggestion and report back to you. Does this sound reasonable? Let me, know, Noris. Thank you.

Hi @David_Hunter,

Happy to hear that the problem has mostly subsided since you have made those changes!

Sounds like you’re investigating this with Bluesound’s help, but you may want to try factory resetting the Bluesound speaker that still remains problematic, might help.

Sounds like a plan, do let me know if you have further issues in Roon and we can take a look, thanks!

I just wanted to give an update. For a few days with my WiFi switched to 5G Roon ran nicely without any dropped signals. Then it started to drop signals again. It’s not as bad as before. Instead of Roon dropping every few minutes and sometimes every few seconds, Roon only drops out once in awhile, usually in the early evening hours. What’s odd is that my vacuum cleaner wreaks havoc on Roon. I can’t have Roon on whatsoever. I still think it’s a WiFi problem and not a Roon or Bluesound problem but who knows? For now I’ll just keep changing the channels on my 5G network when I get dropped signals. I’m still not too happy about the signal strength but it’s a first world problem.

Hi @David_Hunter,

That’s strange, so the issues only pop up when you’re using the cleaner? Vacuums do use a lot of power, are you connecting it to the same outlet as your router?

You might also want to try getting a better router, ISP-provided ones are often underpowered or not too stable. We can’t recommend specific routers but generally Netgear/Orbi/Asus/TP-link ones have been mentioned as working well with Roon (I would still get a router from a place with easy returns though just in case you find it doesn’t meet your exact needs).

Noris, please help again. Roon Crashed. When I go to “Choose your Roon Core” the app searches and eventually finds my MacBook Pro but it does not connect. Is my core my MacBook or my Sonic Tansporter? Thanks.

Hi @David_Hunter,

As per the first post you made in this thread, I believe you were using the SonicTransporter as the Core.

If you reboot your networking equipment does that help at all? Have you managed to switch to a more reliable router yet?

Hello, Roon is still crashing. It just freezes up and won’t playing anything. Whether it be from my iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Pro. When I turn off the SonicTransporter and turn it back on after a couple of minutes Roon works again. Still, a few days later, Roon crashes yet again. My Bluesound app works fine and I have no issues. That’s why I don’t think it is my modem/router. I am using the Motorola MG7550. Why is it inferior? I use Spectrum and they support a few modem/routers. Which modem/rounter, exactly (model #?), would you recommend I use with Spectrum? Thanks for you help. Here are the results of my internet speed test
Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 3.12.30 PM

Hi @David_Hunter,

If you’re trying to play streaming content, that speed would not be sufficient for stable high-res streaming, I would suggest speeds of 50Mbps and above if you plan to stream high-res TIDAL/Qobuz content.

The first thing I would do in your case is separate your router with your modem, you currently have both on one device and in the past we have seen ISP-provided routers have sub-par performance.

As I mentioned in my previous post:

I would also try the other Core to verify if the issue is specific to the SonicTransporter, as I mentioned multiple times in the thread:

If the issues only occur when using the SonicTransporter as the Core but don’t when you use your Macbook Core, the SonicTransporter support team would be in the best position to advise.

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